A little about myself
Hi, I’m Mike de Klerk. I was born in 1987 and raised in Roosendaal, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. I am married to my lovely wife Lisette and we have put two children on this planet earth. We named our sons Debian and Calvin. When I was young and living with my parents, my father bought a personal computer. I was intrigued by it, and computers never lost my focus ever since. At the age of 14 I was writing my first PHP scripts. I studied cellular biology and graduated my bachelor degree in applied bio-science. Though a world so small is very interesting, practically I like writing software more. So it seemed more logical to me to attempt a career as a software developer.

In my spare time I like to have quality time with my wife and children, read philosophical literature, maintain our kitchen garden, meditate on self reflection and being mindful, play the piano or guitar, design and print stuff on my 3D printer, train the skill to lucid dream, make molds and cast metal or ride on my 250cc Honda CRF motor cycle and visit family and friends.

My Vision
I feel the need to grow. Therefore I try to self reflect and keep my vision on holism (over dualism). I value fear and the function of ego and try to transcend them through knowledge and experience to reach altruism. I try to stimulate our growth by focusing on the power of synergy.

Character traits

I like to think of myself having the following characteristics:

Characteristic Motivation
Altruistic I care about others, because I care about myself. That makes me care about us. Whenever people around me are happy I feel more happy to.
Ambitious I like to undertake all that my catches my interest,
Analytical I like to analyze the world around me, from psychology to quantum mechanics to consciousness to … whatever can be applied to expand my everyday life awareness.
Creative I like to create things: music, design practical 3D things and print them, power things with electronics, and software of course!
Goal oriented In order to accomplish anything I need a goal set in my mind.
Perservering When I believe in it I hold on to get there.
Emphatic I feel what you bring to expression, words are cheap in that manner.
Integrity I like to be surrounded by people who are integer, as I act upon becoming more integer myself as well every day.
Innovative I keep an eye out for things that can be improved to reduce cost in processes we do regularly.
Critically When things can be improved, I think it is worth to bring it to attention.
Inquisitive I want to learn, keep learning and always continue learning new things.
Out-of-the box, being able to think out-of-the-box I like to stretch my mind in order to solve problems. If a virtual reality model better solves the current problems of main stream physics? I know what I pick over string theory or quantum loop gravity!
Positive Always look at the bright side is easier to say than to adhere to, but I think there is no other choice than trying to be positive.
Proactive I can't sit around waiting, I need to undertake and do things!
Reflective Reflecting on what is real is a skill I like to train during meditation and lucid dreaming.
Sensitive I try to learn how to trust my senses more every day.
Social I rather be in public than being alone on my attic.
Synergistic I try to focus on synergy to create more of what we all benefit from.