Mike de Klerk
C# Software Engineer

This is an online representation of my curriculum vitae. It is meant to give you a quick overview of my career and what I am capable of.


If you wish to acquire a different format than PDF please, send me an email.

Work Experience

2014 May- Current

C# Software Engineer

At ASML I am part of a development team of 6 persons using SCRUM. This team is responsible for the software implementations of the Overlay features of Yieldstar. Yieldstar is a complex machine to measure how well chips are being fabricated by the scanner. Yieldstar is able to measure Overlay, Focus and Critical Dimension. The total software development group for Yieldstar consists of approximately 60 persons. In total approximately 500 people collaborate to develop, maintain and support the Yieldstar.

At ASML we use continuous integration (build servers), exhaustive unit and integration testing and ClearCase/Quest as source control.

March 2012 - April 2014

Isogen Life Science
C# developer & Embedded C

At Isogen Life Science I was hired to develop the firmware for Proxima II in C on a Microchip PIC32 microcontroller. The firmware takes care of USB communication with a Windows desktop, Led/Servo/Stepper motor drivers, timers, a temperature sensor and some switches. It is multi-tasking and written on FreeRTOS. When Proxima II was officially released I joined the development team of Mastiline. I have written back-end (service) and front-end (winforms) software in The Windows software communicates with Mastiline units to send commands and receive measurement data. The front-end allows the farmer to visualize the health of its cattle.

Januari 2012 - March 2012

Van Ruijven Paprika
C#.Net, .Net micro embedded & Silverlight

Van Ruijven Paprika is a horticulture company that grows bell peppers. The farmer desired a device to monitor important growth factors. I designed a prototype to monitor the temperature, humidity and water supply. I used C# for the desktop server, C# micro.Net (embedded) for the microcontroller and Silverlight to visualize the data. The microcontroller got is power from a solar powered battery. I picked this microcontroller specifically because it has great hibernation modes to reduce energy consumption.

September 2010 - December 2011

PHP, Ext-JS & Visual Basic.Net developer

At Filmpartners I programmed a web based media browser. It was written in PHP with a front-end in Ext-JS. The high-res video material, coming from the cameraman, needed to be converted to low-res for the web. For that I had chosen FFmpeg. To automate the transcoding I have written a wrapper in Visual Basic.Net. You could then assign multiple transcoding jobs to the application, depending on the number of CPU cores available. In the media browser you could see the files being transcoded, which would finally end up in the library when done. I programmed a plugin architecture inside the transcoder service; Support for new video codecs was added to the service by simply adding DLLs.

Besides that I contributed to the MXF Server to support the edit suite Adobe Premiere .

september 2009 - March 2011

Sedna Software
Co-founder & director

After I received my bachelor’s degree in applied bio life technologies I wanted to start my own business, in software. I met a like minded and we founded Sedna Software. We had no experience but managed make a living with developing websites in a couple of months. Because we had lots of work we took interns, so a guided a few. Some stayed for 6 weeks while others for 6 months. Besides my companion and I both developed software we both had our expertises. He was more acquainted with testing software and took care of acquiring new customers, while I focused on researching the right technology to use for our customers products. Most of the time we used WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento to build the websites upon. But we also created revenue by installing and maintaining web hosting servers on Linux, 3D modelling and desktop software.